Saturday, July 23, 2011

Public Portrait Project - Day 5

Danke, Paul
Danke, Rita
Danke, Suzanne
Danke, Turan

Danke, Wolfram
Danke, Anne

Danke, Barbel

Danke, Ian

Danke, Julius 

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Public Portrait Project - Day 4

Danke, Astrid
Danke, Frank
Danke, Gordon

Danke, Hannah

Danke, Katharina

Danke, Laura
Danke, Sebastian
Danke, Tara

Public Portrait Project - Day 3

Danke, Fabian
Danke, Helga
Danke, Inge 
Danke, Jacob 
Danke, Lorin

Danke, Nora

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

More examples from Day 2

Danke, Monika
Danke, Marita

Danke, Gerhard

Danke, Ingrid

Examples from Day 2 of the Public Portrait Project

Danke, Bogna
Danke, Mechthilda Eva

Danke, Elisabeth
Danke, Marianne

General-Anzeiger Bonn

Haben Sie mal zehn Minuten Zeit für Kunst? (19.07.2011) | Bonn | Lokales | General-Anzeiger Bonn
Von Ebba Hagenberg-MiliuBONN. Ich heiße Anthony DiPaola. Haben Sie mal zehn Minuten Zeit für Kunst?, fragt der Mann mit dem amerikanischen Akzent verblüffte Passanten auf dem Münsterplatz. In seinen aufs Trottoir gemalten Kreidekreis traut sich erst
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Thank you, Sabine and Raffaele

Three examples from Day 1 of the Public Portrait Project

 Danke, Louise
 Danke, Fyria
Danke, Kais

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Public Portrait Project: Circle

Since I moved to Bonn, I have felt incredibly welcomed, and in turn I would like to offer something to the people of Bonn, much they way one would bring a gift, a bottle of wine, or flowers when visiting the home of a friend.  So, I decided to offer free portraits to the citizens of Bonn.

I will ask the passersby: Do you have time for art today? Do you have 10 minutes for a gift?  The response from the public and their willingness to sit for a portrait will remain to be seen. 

The project will commence on July 18th at noon when I draw a circle on the ground between Galeria Kaufhof and SinnLeffers in the MünsterPlatz. The circle will define the space where the project will occur.